Our Clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of tooth loss, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry.


Shah's Dental Serenity is a modern-age dental practice, based in the heart of Mumbai, offering complete and comprehensive family dental and oral health care ranging from Dental Implants to the best braces treatment in Mumbai.

We take pride in using high quality, international standard, state of art dental products and materials, including strict sterilization & infection control protocols. Our clinic is ISO 9001: 2008 certified by USAC (United States Accreditation Centre) quality management system, ensures you a clean and safe environment for your dental treatment. Having an ultra-modern setup and use of advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques, we provide services of the entire spectrum of all the dental specialties under one roof. Team consist of the best dental surgeons in mumbai.

We believe achieving a healthy, beautiful smile can be a life-changing event for anyone from children to adults. Here at Shah's Dental Serenity, we've built our practice on the idea that everyone deserves the satisfaction and confidence that comes with an amazing smile.

A team of energetic and skilled dental experts forms the backbone of our practice. Our team of dental specialists in various dental specialties understands each patient's specific needs and goals in order to create the most beautiful smile possible.

Our team's years of clinical experience and knowledge of the newest treatment techniques and technologies gives our patients the best. From custom-designed treatment plans to flexible payment options to meet different budgets, we are truly a patient-centered practice.


At Shah’s Dental Serenity, we have made it our mission to provide world class dental care to people from India and across the globe. We have carefully built a team of experts in dental treatment, restorative dental procedures, and cosmetic dental procedures. Together we have the best in class set of skills needed to resolve any and every type of dental problems that you may be facing.

Our mission is to :

  • Provide the latest dental surgery, treatment, and care options to our patients.
  • Provide end to end dental treatment and cosmetic solutions under one roof.
  • Factor in 100% patient satisfaction with our skilled and empathic services.
  • Provide affordable treatment options for dental problems.


The first thing you will notice at Shah’s Dental Serenity is the level of experience and qualifications our dentists and dental surgeons hold. This experience works very well to provide the finest dental care and treatment for your specific oral health issue.

  • Be it dental tourism or modern treatment approaches like invisible braces, you get total care here.
  • We use the most advanced equipment at the state of art clinic in Mumbai.
  • Our doctors are capable of providing the best level of dental healthcare for even the most complex tooth problems.
  • Our post-treatment care ensures long-lasting results from the procedure.

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet highly effective dental care option, then your search ends with Shah’s Dental Serenity.

  • We use only the latest technologies and treatment methods.
  • Our treatment packages offer total value for money with long term benefits.
  • No need to approach multiple specialists to multiple oral health problems, when you get everything under one roof.
  • Get international quality dental care for a fraction of the price only at Shah’s Dental Serenity Mumbai.

Our clinic leaves behind many of our peers when it comes to high tech setup at the clinic. This enables us to do a better job on your tooth problems and provide you with convenience in the dental procedures.

  • We employ only advanced machinery and equipment like the 3D intraoral scanner for dental treatment.
  • The experienced hands coupled with sophisticated machinery makes for a one-of-its-kind experience for our patients.
  • Even with advanced dental setup, our prices remain reasonable and is a major draw for patients worldwide.


Dr Pooja Shah is one of the best dentist I have visited and is a complete professional that instils confidence. The end result was as good as if not better than expected and she even gave me a 15 year guarantee on all the crowns fitted.
Maurice Dorisio
Melbourne, Australia
I had 9 crowns fitted and the final result was very pleasing aesthetically and I believe the product used Bruxzir is of a high quality.The Clinic is as he described; it is clean and tidy.Both Dr. Pooja and Dr. Adit were very welcoming and friendly through out my attendances.The quality of the equipment and products used were high and no short cuts were taken.
Anthony Monteleone
Melbourne, Australia
"Zirconia Implants, Bruxzir crowns, Ceramic self ligating braces and everything else possible I believe because I didn't take care of myself in the past.
Santiago B.Castro
Barcelona, Spain
Is it worth it? Of Course it is!! 100% recommend this clinic and the doctor who worked together with a specialised doctor as a team to give her patient the best result. I appreciate the speed and the smooth work.
Ellie Larsen
Sydney, Australia
I came in from the US to have a complete dental treatment. Before I came I did some research of some dental clinics in a few countries, and finally decided to go to Shah's Dental Serenity Clinic in Mumbai, India. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. Dr. Pooja Shah who took care of my treatment was just fabulous!
Christopher Ubah
Houston, Texas, USA
I was searching a new partial denture for my Mom. Actually it was her third denture. The first one was made there is more than 10 years. And the second was made in France there is less than 5 years. And in France it is really expensive to have good denture!!!
Paris, France
Dr. Pooja did for me one upper and another lower bridge with Zirconia material. From day one I have noticed that she was very smart and a very professional dentist in doing teeth preparations to accommodate the upper and lower bridges (13 upper Zirconia crowns and 12 lower Zirconia crowns). After only three sessions I could smile again and be very happy with how my face looks. I traveled all the way from Canada and I highly recommend her to any kind of dental work together with her very polite husband Dr. Adit Shah at Shah's dental serenity clinic.The clinic was clean and organized. There was very good communication between the clinic and myself during this whole experience.
Mohammed Albyati
Hamilton, Canada
"Zirconia Implants, Bruxzir crowns, Ceramic self ligating braces and everything else possible I believe because I didn't take care of myself in the past.
Santiago B.Castro
Barcelona, Spain
I went to see Dr. Adit Shah as my partner recommended them. I had some aligners for my teeth. My teeth were not very straight and don’t align very well so Dr. Adit advised that I can wear invisible braces. This will help me reduce the risk of my teeth falling out in 20 years’ time.
Helen Li
Melbourne, Australia