3 December 2019

Have you ever wondered why perfect teeth are appealing? According to research, - People connect more positively with men and women who have straight teeth than those who have crooked teeth.

15 November 2019

Are you experiencing intense pain in your tooth? Has your endodontist advised you of a root canal treatment for the same? Despite what you may have read online, the purpose of a root canal isn't to cause you pain or discomfort. Instead, the purpose of the procedure is to protect a tooth that is seriously infected. The National Institutes of Health states, a dentist performs the procedure to eradicate bacteria and decaying tissue of the tooth.

5 November 2019

Even though teeth whitening is a popular treatment offered by several experts in cosmetic dentistry, it has been a slightly controversial topic. Some view it as a potential health hazard if done incorrectly.

19 October 2019

Teeth whitening is an extremely efficient method of lightening the natural tooth colour without any surface removal. This won't lead to a complete change in colour, but it definitely lightens the shade.

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23 September 2019

We use your teeth to eat, talk, and smile. To do all these things and more almost every day, people tend to take their teeth for granted. It is imperative to take care of your teeth daily and in the long run. We cannot force you to take your oral hygiene because that\'s a matter of personal choice; however, we can give you a list of 20 interesting human teeth facts that you will perhaps enjoy reading.