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23 September 2019

20 Things You Didn't Know About your Teeth

We use your teeth to eat, talk, and smile. To do all these things and more almost every day, people tend to take their teeth for granted. It is imperative to take care of your teeth daily and in the long run. We cannot force you to take your oral hygiene because that's a matter of personal choice; however, we can give you a list of 20 interesting human teeth facts that you will perhaps enjoy reading.

  1.   Throughout our lifetime we get only two sets of teeth, first are the babby teeth with 20 tooth in a game and the second as an adult tooth with only 2.
  2.   When a fetus is the size of just a seed, its formation of teeth begins. Over the period the teeth get formed with other parts of the fetus. 
  3.   Even though teeth start forming long before birth, they don't show up until the baby is born and attains the age of about six months.
  4.   An average person spends around 38 days in their entire lifetime for brushing teeth.
  5.   Our bones are hard and tough, but they are not as strong as the enamel of the tooth in our entire body. 
  6.    We all have various sets of teeth, and some are bigger, some are smaller but, in real two-third of our teeth are hidden inside our gums.
  7.    This is not very healthy facts for any of us. The plaque formed on and around our teeth consists of more than 300 different species of bacteria and none of them healthy ones.
  8.    Various diseases have a link to our oral health, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease.
  9.   Just like our fingerprints are unique, every human has a different set of teeth. That is the main reason why forensic departments consider it a vital clue in any crime. 
  10.   We have in total of 4 types of teeth that we use for different purposes while eating. For example, incisors are meant for biting off pieces from food, canines are meant for holding and tearing apart the food while molars are intended for grinding the food.
  11.  Ever thought what ancient people use as brushes to clean their teeth. The use of these twigs is still used in many countries as it has herbal properties that are good for your teeth. These twigs are acquired from trees like neem and cinnamon that have antibacterial properties. Researches show that these twigs are equally sturdy as modern toothbrushes.
  12.    The first people ever to invent anything resembling a toothbrush were the Chinese. The handle was made using bamboo, and the fibers were made using boar hair.
  13. Did you know? That is brushing your teeth right after eating is not suitable for your teeth. After eating, the saliva in the mouth contains high concentrations of acid, doing so can lead to abrasion and wearing of teeth enamel. 
  14.  Just brushing your teeth is only 40% cleaning done, the remaining 60% is done by flossing.
  15. The synthetic tooth is a thing in China. Chinese researchers are trying to construct a tooth using stem cells from urine. The experiment was done on a mouse, and it has found a progressive success rate. 
  16.  If you are keeping your toothbrush near your bathroom area, then we would suggest that you remove it and change its place. Six feet of distance also doesn't help to keep your toothbrush free from bacterial. Keep them clean is to keep them in a dry place.
  17.  Do you have a habit of cover your toothbrush with a cap, doesn't help it to dry? The best thing to do here is to dry out the bristles properly before using a cap.
  18.  Men in the ancient Mayan civilization believed that pretty teeth were not only kept them white but drill tiny holes and fit those holes with gemstones.
  19. A boy from India was suffering from composite odontoma, which led to the formation of a tumor in his lower jaw. The tumor was performed on, and doctors extracted 232   teeth from his mouth. Also, the doctors found a brick-like marble structure that they had to break apart using chisel and hammer to eradicate it.
  20.   Right-handed people will usually chew their food on the right side of their mouth, and left-handed people chew food on the left side of their mouth.

There are many more facts regarding teeth that are not stated and yet being discovered. Shah's Dental Serenity is a complete dental solution for all your teeth problems or queries. 

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