Technological advancements in dentistry to get permanent teeth in 3 days
16 August 2018

Technological advancements in dentistry to get permanent teeth in 3 days

Get Your Smile Back With Amazing Advanced Technologies For Dental Implant At Shah’s Dental Serenity

Losing your tooth is a common problem, and for this reason, the dental implant process has become a common practice nowadays. The dental implant is nothing but a surgical method, where the dentists use a cap in the place of a missing tooth. The cap is quite similar to the natural tooth used in the dental implant process. The process covers up space in your mouth with the cap or crown. Before going for a dental implant, certain things need to be taken care of. There should be a proper bone strength in the jaw and good health of supporting tissues. For this reason, Shah’s Dental Serenity is the best option along with its expert dentists for implants. Let’s discuss some of the advanced facilities that is carried out by Shah Dental Serenity for the dental implant process.

Advanced facilities for Dental Implant

A dental implant fills the lost tooth area. At the Shah dental clinic, the expert dentists first examine the jawbone strength, and if they feel any lacking, then they go with the bone augmentation process to provide the required strength. The dentists are equipped with modern techniques of dental implants and specialized in the process of tooth loss, dental cosmetic and last but not the least restorative dentistry. With a regular checkup process, you can expect a quality result from them.

The traditional and old dental implant process was quite complicated and a time-consuming method. But at Shah’s Dental Serenity you won’t undergo any traditional process. You won’t find any drawbacks in the newly adopted procedure and can enjoy a great smile and bear a good appearance within a few days. The permanent teeth in 3 days technique will provide you the benefit of fixed bridges only in three days. It is a more improvised and better technique as compared to the traditional dental implant procedure. Even complex cases can be solved with advanced methods like basal implants and immediate loading implants. The technique is also beneficial for the patients suffering from acute gum disease, and diabetes. One of the most crucial aspects of this technique is it does not require the bone augmentation system before the dental implant. It also eliminates all the process like bone development and implants, which is a complicated process. So at Shah’s Dental Serenity, you can get a chance to avoid all those prerequisites and go for dental implant directly with a quicker process, affordable price and more importantly with a 98% success rate.

Another advanced technique is their immediate implant of the tooth. It is based on advanced Swiss technology. With this the patients can get the replacement of a single tooth, more than one, even the complete set, without any complexity and with the utmost care, that also within three days. The extraction process can also be done with this advanced technology.

So with their advanced technologies along with years of experience Shah’s Dental Serenity provides the best service and solution to give you back a captivating smile on your face.




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