Get A Memorable Vacation Blended with World Class Dental Treatment

Our Clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of tooth loss, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry.

Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism in India is steadily growing due to accessibility to quality dental care facilities at affordable costs. With ultra-modern equipments and highly trained doctors : Shah’s Dental Serenity takes pride in being the frontrunner in this segment.

We have treated patients from all over the world till date, the quality of dental care is on par with the best centres in the world.

As Mumbai is one of the biggest metro city in India, you will have access to international cuisine, malls, cinemas, etc. to make your stay pleasant. You can visit the many historical sites within and around Mumbai to make your stay memorable.

Dental tourism care and makeovers

Mumbai, in India, has become an ultimate destination to obtain cost-effective and advance dental care services. Thousands of patients visit India to have dental implants, cosmetic dental treatments, and other oral treatments. And Shah’s Dental Serenity welcomes with advanced services and supporting staff to make your dental tourism memorable and successful.

Renowned for dental tourism in India

Backed by a successful history in promoting dental tourism, Shah’s Dental Serenity is trusted all over the world. We have been fortunate to effectively treat patients from different parts of the world. You can augment your time in Mumbai with dental care and also indulge in exciting tourism activities such as entertainment, shopping, and delicious cuisine.

Why choose Shah’s Dental Serenity?

We score top marks in our dental care facilities. Having a vast team of certified and experienced dentists allows us to offer the best treatment approach to you. We follow the highest standards of service quality with our advanced technology. And it all comes at a price that doesn’t feel too much.

Here is why you need us for Dental tourism in India:

  • Obtaining cost-effective and high-quality dental treatments.
  • Having qualified dentists right by your side.
  • Assurance of international level service standards.
  • Convenient scheduling of treatments to match exactly with your other activities.

Dental Tourism

Get A Memorable Vacation Blended with World Class Dental Treatment.

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At Shah’s Dental Serenity we offer comprehensive dental care so that the entire duration of your stay is convenient. Our staff is happy to answer your queries and inform all about our facilities here.

Following are the list of budgeted hotels in the vicinity of our clinic:


The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai
5.8 km
Trident Nariman Point
4.3 km
Hotel Marine Plaza
3.9 km


Hotel Krishna Palace
100 m
Hotel Shalimar
1 km


Hotel Sapna
800 m
Hotel Treebo Anam International
1 km
Hotel Rosewood
2 km


Hotel Royal Castle
200 m
Hotel KumKum
1 km
Hotel Kemps Corner
1 km
Hotel Empire
1 km
Hotel Tiptop
1 km
Hotel Park Shilton
1 km

You can have a look at the above hotels on any online websites like etc. There are several other options for budgeted hotels near our clinic if you do not find the above satisfactory, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide the full range of dental services

Qualified Doctors

Our team has seasoned veterans in dental surgery and oral hygiene. Get international quality treatment for your teeth at our clinic.

Quality Assurance

The blend of cutting edge dentistry equipment and sharp knowledge of the dentists make us the first hospice for all types of dental care issues.

Dental Care

Our expertise gives you all the more reasons to smile. Get comprehensive oral hygiene and dental care when you are at the clinic.


From complex root canal to cosmetic dental procedures, you can rely on our cost-effective treatment for all problems related to tooth and gums.