Our Clinic has grown to provide a world class facility for the treatment of tooth loss, dental cosmetics and advanced restorative dentistry.

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Mr. Lim Ah Lan Yow Fen

"Now I have no need to be shy of smiling"

"I am from Mauritius and was interested in having my teeth restored. By internet search for teeth implants, l found Shahs Dental clinic to be one of best noted. So having contacted them, I got a clearer idea of what should be done: a partial mouth rehabilitation. Having only 15 days for my stay in India, the basal implants with the immediate placement was the best option that Dr Pooja recommended.

The treatment went on well as even I who was rather afraid of going to the dentist felt at ease from the first meeting until the treatment was completed. Because my teeth were in a bad state, I must admit they did quite a good job in the restoration and now I have no need to be shy of smiling.

I thank Dr Pooja Shah (and her team) for her advice, expertise and good handling of the different stages of the treatment. I would surely recommend Shah's Dental Clinic."

Dental Surgeons in South Mumbai
Viviena Tuionetoa

"I came to the Shah's Dental for Dental Implants, I had a lot of missing teeth. When the Internet search engine directed me to the Shah's Dental Serenity website, it was everything I was waiting for. All the reviews were answering my curiosity, I contacted the Shah's right away. Promptly was the response I got, and Alas it was the doctors themselves. They walked me through everything that I need and described all the needed treatments as well.

It took me a whole year to research on the internet for a dentist who is knowledgeable, competent, personal, kind and "affordable". I am from the US and through all my research none could match the criteria I was searching. The personal touch and the all-around competency of my dentists were mind-blowing.

I sincerely recommend this clinic, it's worth my two Dental Tourism trips in general. I'm looking forward to bringing the rest of my family back. I'm very happy with my teeth."

Respectfully Viviena.

Dental Surgeons in South Mumbai
Daniel Mckenna

"I travelled from the UK to Shah's Dental Serenity to receive treatment for 12 E-max porcelain veneers. I am/was a smoker and over the course of time this bad habit has stained my teeth, along with a massive phobia of dentists and avoidance for the past 20 years had left me with a somewhat unsatisfactory smile.

Shah's clinic has restored my smile back to my early teens. I am over the moon with the outcome and already have plans to revisit after Christmas for further treatment.

The cost of veneers in comparison to the UK is astronomical and in my eyes. The reflection of cost has no compromise on quality and professionalism.

I chose Shah's clinic due to looking through some online reviews and after speaking with them. I knew they were the correct clinic for me. Communicative throughout, professional, caring and supportive, the list goes on.

I highly recommend anyone looking for a dental treatment to contact this clinic!

Thanks again, guys!

Respectfully Daniel.

Dental Surgeons in South Mumbai
Ty Perth

"Hi there, I had a 6 tooth bridge installed across my top 6 front teeth. I am extremely happy with the results, better than I could have hoped for. I was quoted $7500 for the same procedure in Australia and it cost me less than a quarter of that price in Mumbai. I saved a whole heap of money and finally got to see India as well!

The clinic itself was more modern than any I have been too in Australia. Cleanliness and facilities were A1. Doctor Shah and her partner were overly helpful, they arranged the Hotel for me and arranged a driver for my visits to the clinic. They were extremely knowledgeable and friendly and made sure my treatment and stay in Mumbai was as easy for me as possible. I would highly recommend

Respectfully Ty Perth .

Dental Surgeons in South Mumbai
Mike Marzonie

"Hello, My name is Mike Marzonie, I am a 55 year old heavy equipment operator who lost all upper teeth some lower teeth and broke my jaw in an accident 11 years ago.

My upper denture never fit, so I quit wearing it. I could never afford implants in the U.S.A. so I searched online.

By blind luck I ended up with DR. Shah. At first I was concerned because she is a young female dentist, At day one I realized she really knows her stuff.

Even with severe bone loss she still took my case. Upon completion of my work , I knew DR. Shah is not only a professional dentist she is in fact an artist in her proffession.

I would highly recomend DR. Shah and her staff to anyone who appreciates quality and a high rate of service.

In closing I whould like to say thank you and bless you DR. Shah. In 5 days of treatment at DR. Shah's clinic I had tight beatiful teeth! I would consider that a miricle in it's self. The sevice provided was perfect, from her support staff to the driver provided. You hardly ever see this quality in today's world."

Respectfully Mike Marzonie.

Dental Surgeons in South Mumbai
Maurice Dorisio
Melbourne, Australia

"I came to India to have all of my front teeth crowned. My teeth grew without the normal amount of enamel,due to a disease that I had when very young. Because of this problem I experience abnormal amount of wear on my front teeth. I did some research before coming to India and found that the technology in the dental industry was ahead of the technology in my country and the price is a fraction of what it is back home.

I came to Shah's dental serenity based on the reviews that I read on the internet. I must say the reviews were correct and my experience was even better than expected. Upon arriving in Mumbai a had a driver to pick me up from the airport and take me to my hotel. The price of the driver was very reasonable. I also had a driver to take me to the clinic and back to my hotel free of charge for all my appointments. All my emails were answered within minutes and any questions were answered for me in a manner that was easy to understand. The work done at the clinic was done quickly and I was made to feel as comfortable as possible. Also the timing was as explained to me. I didn't require any extra visits. Dr Pooja Shah is one of the best dentist I have visited and is a complete professional that instils confidence. The end result was as good as if not better than expected and she even gave me a 15 year guarantee on all the crowns fitted. By the way the proceedure was painless even without the use of any anethsesia. I can recommend Dr Pooja Shah to all. She treats her patients with the greatest respect and kindness. The staff there is also exemplary, making me feel at home the whole time. The clinic itself is extremely clean and hygienic, without that horrible hospital smell. While waiting which I must say I didn't experience much of, there is TV to watch, newspaper to read or free wifi if you wish. I also received a package after the work was finished containing all the dental care products that I will be needing with an extra surprise lunch for me as she knew that I was a big fan of samosas."

Dental Surgeons in South Mumbai
Anthony Monteleone
Melbourne, Australia

I was recommended Dr. Pooja by a friend in Australia and I must say the quality and level of service and treatment was just as he said, excellent. Dr. Pooja and her husband Dr. Adit were very helpful and supported me through out the treatment phase answering all my questions in a reassuring manner. I had 9 crowns fitted and the final result was very pleasing aesthetically and I believe the product used Bruxzir is of a high quality. The treatment was carried out in a timely manner and the clinic is clean and run very efficiently. I would strongly recommend this clinic to my friends back home and intend to do so very soon.

The clinic was chosen on a recommedation from a friend in Australia. The Clinic is as he described; it is clean and tidy.Both Dr. Pooja and Dr. Adit were very welcoming and friendly through out my attendances.The quality of the equipment and products used were high and no short cuts were taken. Again I would strongly recommend this clinic to my friends in Australia and believe they will be well taken care of by the staff at Shah's Dental Serenity Clinic.

Dental Surgeons in South Mumbai
Santiago B.Castro
Barcelona, Spain

"Thank you so much, Dr. Shah, for everything!

I am impressed with Dr. Shah's clinic stunning work and so I highly recommend.

We decided to visit India for some weeks and so we landed in Mumbai in search of a dental treatment involving zirconia implants and crowns plus orthodontics.

Fortunately, we found Shah's Dental Serenity clinic.

They proved to be amazing professionals at every step of the treatment, while we were still there and also, away back home in Barcelona. Their clinic is fully modern, nice and comfortable, just as if you were in Europe.

They were always very nice and friendly, with very talented criteria (the way Dr. Shah approached solving my dental needs) and with a full & detailed oriented successful team practice, including a surgeon, and everything always carefully supervised by Dr. Shah.

Very much to the point and on schedule, to meet our flight's dates and times.

So for the many of you thinking of visiting India and having a dental treatment at the same time, I'd like to point the fantastic way they managed treatment schedule with our traveling schedule, so we were able to visit India, and even go across the country by train, with some antibiotics in the pocket.

After required months by treatment (implants and bone going strong) I was able to make my dental impressions (at a clinic in BCN, where I also got braces removed to finish orthodontics treatment) and mail them (with tracking) to Dr. Shah in Mumbai, so they could build the crowns and send them to me.

So I have successfully received my crowns by certified mail from them, including precise instructions, to be able to finish the last step of the treatment in my own country.

That has been very convenient, precisely.

Kind regards

Dental Implants In Mumbai
Ellie Larsen
Sydney, Australia

I had good 2 weeks search, and few email to different Dentists in the Mumbai area. I narrow the search to three, I could really narrow the search to one almost right from the start.Her communication skills are 'SECOND TO NONE' !!

Right from the beginning Dr. Pooja was very efficient, I must have given her hard time with so much questions, not once did she sound impatient. There wasn't a topic she couldn't reply. She kept in touch, and was very gentle about it, the questions that may have have sounded obvious to anyone who already had done the treatment... She explain thoroughly and patiently. There is a saying; You don't remember what people say, but you remember how people made you feel.... I felt I was Looked after - Because this is what she did !!

Furthermore, I was given a list of hotels near by, she add next to each of the names, their stars and the possible cost as well as the distance from the clinic. If that's not enough she even added a list of places to see.If you are coming from over-seas, you are bound to feel Home long before you land in this city. You feel welcomed and cared for.

Furthermore they clinic offer pick up at the hotel and drop in the hotel after treatment. Very fast in replying. Great detailed of treatment and cost. (there wasn't any hidden agenda there). Very efficient. Direct to the point.ensitive to each of my questions, covering each and everyone to the point of superb clarity.Left no doubt.Helpful beyond what needed - such as sending a list of hotels in the area.Last but not least very patient.

On arrival in Mumbai, the clinic will contact you and will send their Taxi cab to pick you up and drop you at the clinic. That gesture does give one a peace of mind. As travelling in Mumbai can be and will be overwhelming if you are from Westernised countries. My suggestion don't wait too long before you get on with the work that need to be done.

If you are coming from a Western country, you can rest a sure this clinic is in fact the same standard as any other clinic in the western world. Once you step into the clinic - you will feel as if you are in a clinic back home.

Everything she had suggested turned out to be spot on in terms of locations and distances plus hotels.

The treatment I did was an implant - I am yet to do the crown part. About the treatment: It was smooth, fast and No pain what so ever. Is it worth it? Of Course it is!! 100% recommend this clinic and the doctor who worked together with a specialised doctor as a team to give her patient the best result. I appreciate the speed and the smooth work.I am yet to come back for the crown.

My sincere apology for the time that it took me to write this review. As it happened I had taken longer time that needed and with that I went to travel around in India.We'll see each other again in few months - I hope - Until than I wish you all the very best in all you do.

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Christopher Ubah
Houston, Texas, USA

I came in from the US to have a complete dental treatment. Before I came I did some research of some dental clinics in a few countries, and finally decided to go to Shah's Dental Serenity Clinic in Mumbai, India. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. Dr. Pooja Shah who took care of my treatment was just fabulous! She took care of me in a professional and courteous manner. She really knows her stuff!! She took the time to explain the options and procedures every step of the way.

Even before I came, I was in contact with Dr Pooja and Dr. Adit who explained all the options and gave me information that made my visit to India very easy. Besides, I got my dental treatment for a very reasonable price.

I am very satisfied with the treatment I received at Shah's Dental Serenity clinic, and will highly recommend this clinic for any dental work.

Best dentist in Mumbai
Mohammed Albyati
Hamilton, Canada

Dr. Pooja did for me one upper and another lower bridge with Zirconia material. From day one I have noticed that she was very smart and a very professional dentist in doing teeth preparations to accommodate the upper and lower bridges (13 upper Zirconia crowns and 12 lower Zirconia crowns). After only three sessions I could smile again and be very happy with how my face looks. I traveled all the way from Canada and I highly recommend her to any kind of dental work together with her very polite husband Dr. Adit Shah at Shah's dental serenity clinic.

The clinic was clean and organized. There was very good communication between the clinic and myself during this whole experience.

Best dentist in Mumbai
Jamshed Elavia

I wanted to have bridge work done in the US and decided to look for a dental professional in India since I was planning to visit my homeland. Dental work in the US is absurdly expensive and the medical attitude is also less dependable. This has been a pleasure. Dr. Pooja is a fine and very competent professional and would not hesitate to recommend her for treatment.

The clinic is spotlessly clean and very well kept - nothing I can suggest can add to it. I am quite sure I will be revisiting some time again.

Dental Implants In Mumbai
Paris, France

I was searching a new partial denture for my Mom. Actually it was her third denture. The first one was made there is more than 10 years. And the second was made in France there is less than 5 years. And in France it is really expensive to have good denture!!!

I see this clinic on internet before coming to India. I see only good news about it, so I take an appointment. Dr. Pooja is really kind and helpful. Her work is really good!!

Best dentist in Mumbai
Helen Li
Melbourne, Australia

I went to see Dr. Adit Shah as my partner recommended them. I had some aligners for my teeth. My teeth were not very straight and don’t align very well so Dr. Adit advised that I can wear invisible braces. This will help me reduce the risk of my teeth falling out in 20 years’ time.

My experience was excellent, the team was fabulous, I found Dr. Adit to be very professional and knowledgeable as well as polite and warm and friendly.The clinic is very clean. Dr. Adit was about to organise my braces to be sent to me as a top priority as I was travelling around India for a short period. They organised for my braces to be sent to Goa. Once I started wearing the braces I have follow ups from Dr. Adit who kept in contact with me via whatsapp in case I have any issues or queries.

I would definitely recommend Shah's Dental Serenity, the team is exceptional!

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N. B. Modi
Oxfordshire, London, UK

"I searched on line for dental treatment as in the UK the treatment that i required seems a little expensive. As a result, i came across Shah's Dental Serenity while searching online. A few call's with the dental practice I was settled in my reservations regarding getting dental surgery done overseas. So I proceeded to book both mine & my wife's dental treatment with Shah's Dental Serenity. The operation that I had was quite evasive as I needed to have all my teeth removed. After which, I had dentures fitted. All of this was an efficient process and as I was limited with time this worked in my favor. The doctors explained the surgery to me, detailing the entire process and how many visits I will need to attend to reach the goal of getting teeth implants fitted. Although I have 2 more visits with the dental clinic, I have been very impressed with the service, professionalism & efficiency of how thetreatment is going so far.

I chose Shah's Dental Serenity for the following reasons:

- Leading up to the treatment:

- they planned with me everything that needs to take place and when so that i was completely prepared and organized when i land.

The visit:

- Meeting and approach of Dr Pooja

- Although the surgery was evasive i didn't have any pain during my 4 day treatment nor am i suffering with pain now.

- Cleanliness of the surgery.

I am looking forward to my next visits."

Best Dental Clinics In Mumbai
Sheela Chahwala
Canbridge, UK

I highly recommend Dr Pooja Shah and her team. I was very nervous about attending the surgery for my dental appointment, however, I was very impressed with the way they looked after me and how well the room was equipped with state of the art equipment. The actual procedure was painless and aftercare was excellent with correct medication prescribed.

I would definitely recommend this friendly and considerate Shah’s Dental Serenity.

Best Dental Clinics In Mumbai
Ranjan Modi

I found Shah's Dental Serenity details while searching for a dentist practitioners online for treatment to take place for both myself and my husband. I was originally quoted £25,000 to do the following dental treatment:

  • Remove damaged teeth
  • Replace the teeth with implants

As you can imagine this quote was just to remove my damaged teeth. So, even after the operation, there was no guarantee that the existing problem would not come back.So, paying a rather large sum of money with only short-term gain made no sense to me. As a result, I found myself looking around to see what my options where.

After scouring the internet and finding several detail practises, Dental Serenity attracted me the most due to the brilliant patient reviews that where posted online, furthermore, what gave me even more confidence with Dental serenity was the conversation I had with them detailing how they would go about dealing with the work that needed to be done. Not only this but instead of getting just my damaged teeth removed and replaced with implants I got my entire set of teeth replaced at a fraction of the cost that was quoted to me by my dental surgeon. Granted the surgery was highly demanding on both party's, however, after 3 trips to India and is very well looked after by the staff at Dental Serenity the process was a success and my new teeth have settled in well. A big thank you to the team at Dental Serenity and I would gladly recommend them to anyone in the future.

The clinic was very clean and the staff were very professional. I found that they received me with a warm welcome and when it came to being tentative and explaining the process and procedures required, everything was outlined to point and actioned on. All throughout my treatment, the same exacting standards were applied and I would recommend Dental Serenity to anyone who requires treatment.